First DevLog :)

Hello everyone!
We are a small studio ( 3 people at the moment ) from Shanghai.

We are currently working on a game project named Eastward.

In the world of EW,  human societies are isolated and shrinking, due to some severe environmental problem.  You will be playing a ‘father’ with a following ‘daughter’ ,  and go through this post-apocalyptic world ( well that does sound familiar … ).


The game will be an action adventure. We hope it will be like a Zelda game with some JRPG style storyline.  It’s going to be released on Steam first ( of course we’d like to get it on the consoles if it’s possible )


The game use a special “retro-pixel + 3D lighting” visual style. We aim to achieve a feeling close to Japanese animation from 90s.

we are using an in-house framework based great MOAI  engine ( . It’s a cross-platform C++ engine written for Lua.  We have an IDE on top of MOAI with help of Python & QT.  We will write more about the engine part in future updates.

The project is still in very early stage. We’ll try best to keep updating this devlog as often as possible.

You can follow us at:  @pixpilgames
Also,  the tumblr: pixpilgames

Please feel free to share us your ideas!
Thank you!