Eastward will be available on September 16th. Pre-order today to get 10% off discount.

Hey everyone!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the news we know you’ve all been waiting for… Eastward is coming to PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on Thursday September 16th – and you can pre-purchase it on Steam and Nintendo Switch for 10% off RIGHT NOW! Please note the 10% off is only available for pre-purchases, not after launch, so grab it while it’s hot!


Eastward will be available for $24.99 / £21.99 / 24.99eu (as well as other regional variations) and playable in English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Eastward is a big game for an indie (approx 30 hours) with a rather sizeable amount of words, so we’ll be considering future languages for localisation based on post-release demand.

Here is the release date trailer:

Pre-order on Steam:   https://store.steampowered.com/app/977880/Eastward/

Pre-order on Nintendo eShop:  https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/eastward-switch

JPN physical version: http://www.kakehashigames.com/eastward.html


Thank you for all of your support!  See you later on the launch day!

3 thoughts on “Eastward will be available on September 16th. Pre-order today to get 10% off discount.”

  1. Hello ! amazing gem of a game !
    I’m looking for some kind of recap of all the visual development of your game, a portfolio of the concept artists in charge, an artstation or something that would show the detail of your work on the art side, especially on the world building. I’m a Ubisoft concept artist myself and your world compelled me very much.

  2. Good Morning

    Wanted to email you last year already but I got side tracked.

    I would like to thank you for Eastward game.
    This has been one of the best games I have ever played.

    I enjoyed the characters, music, sounds and story immensely. I can see and feel all the hard work and love that you have added into this game.

    In a dark time in my life this game made me happy and I would be forever grateful for the wonderful experience you have provided.

    Please tell me there will be a follow up game or is Pixpil working on something new.

    Thank you

    Emile (Meeleepit)

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